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Here's how it works!  We have organized the results into TWO categories.

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The Work from home option is great for a lot of people and there are countless reasons why. 

Therefore, the reasons are different for everybody; from steering clear of the rat race, kids at home, medical reasons or lifestyle and freedom.


Most of the options laid out below revolve around opportunities that allow you to earn money online while working from home.


Category 1


Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

wealthy affiliate sm

Train and Build an Online Business at WA
(Keep your credit card in your pocket | Start with FREE training)


Building an online business can be very satisfying and give you the freedom to work from home or from anywhere in the world while you earn money online.  You are connected to all online revenue streams from any location as long as you have internet access.


The caveat is, you will need the knowledge to achieve success.  With that said, if you already understand how to build online revenue streams,  the opportunity I'll describe is still perfect for you.  Consequently, if you are like me and most others that desire to tap into the accelerated growth online, you won't have previous experience and free training will seem too good to be true.


I will recommend the #1 platform in the world (Wealthy Affiliate) for online entrepreneurs that gives you a FREE account and FREE online training without ever pulling out your credit card.  In other words, this process gives you the opportunity to start building an online business from home without spending a dime. 


What does the Wealthy Affiliate training teach you?

How to start a blog to make money

How to start an affiliate marketing business

How to start an eCommerce business

How to start a drop-shipping business

And more!



WA does offer a Premium membership and after you start the training and building you may elect to move from the FREE Membership to Premium to accelerate your progress once you fully understand why WA has over 1.4 million members in 193 countries.


What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an online business platform that gives you everything you must have in one location to build, expand and manage your online businesses with the training and tools you need to succeed.


Since its inception in 2005, WA has become the largest online community of internet entrepreneurs in the world with members in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


To check out a short video that summarizes "what is" Wealthy Affiliate or just read the review, click on the orange button below.

Wealthy Affiliate Stats

wa stats 2



upwork sm

Upwork specializes in work from home opportunities

In essence, this is an online platform that brings (home based freelancers) together with companies looking for (work at home) talent.  It's important to realize, at Upwork you build and grow your own freelance business without ever having to make calls and look for business.


Some of the categories: Admin Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Consulting, Web, Mobile & Software Dev, IT & Networking, Data Science & Analytics, Engineering & Architecture, Design & Creative, Writing, Translation, Legal


  • Work only on projects that interest you.  In general, on the Upwork platform, you run your own business and decide which projects and clients you want to work with. Just complete your profile and Upwork will show you the best jobs for you.


  • Huge variety of jobs that pay well. Clients post their jobs in hundreds of different talent categories, paying top dollar.


How do you get paid?


All of your projects include Upwork Payment Protection.  Basically, their system ensures that you will get paid on-time for the work you complete.


  • Upwork collects the payment immediately and you choose a payment method that you prefer; direct deposit, PayPal, wire transfer, etc.
  • You pay Upwork a fee when you get paid.


If you don't have the skills for a category you are interested in, (Don't Worry) you can get the training here at TBE to start a new "work from home" career path.

If you need re-training to enhance your career, the options below all have online training available. 

The online training partners found here at Train Build Earn will encompass all business categories; from traditional businesses like Healthcare & Accounting to online businesses like SEO and programming.  As a result, all of these skills can be utilized working from home.

work from home training button

These work from home opportunities can be approached in two ways after you get some additional training.  Certainly, you can either use companies like Upwork that finds clients for you or you can find your own clients, working directly with them and forming long-term relationships.  



transcription sm

Work from home as a transcriptionist

As a remote transcriptionist, you choose how many hours you want to work and when you want to work. 

Click on the button below and get the info you need regarding how you start and what you will need. 

In addition, I will also link you to the transcription companies and you can apply for their jobs today or just do a little research.


Virtual Assistant


Work from a remote home location as a Virtual Assistant

A career as a Virtual Assistant can be very rewarding if you are looking for a work from home opportunity that offers variety and flexibility. 

Choose your structure whether it's as a freelancer or an employee for a VA firm. 

Furthermore, if you think a VA position might be right for you, click the READ MORE button below and get the details on this popular home-based career.




Work from an undisclosed location as a writer

You may not know this but there is a lot of work from home opportunities for writers.  Besides, check out Upwork (above) for writing jobs too. 

Also, the three remote job boards in category 2 on this page will display freelance remote job opportunities as well. 

In fact, if you need to brush up on your writing skills, or you just need to start from scratch to learn to write, click on the orange button below for some fantastic writing classes.


Data entry

data entry

Work from home as a data entry specialist

Certainly, working as a freelance data entry person from home can give you the freedom and flexibility you are looking for. 


The most important skills for data entry positions will be solid typing skills,  Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel experience.  Go to above and check out the data entry opportunities.


Also, if you need to sharpen up your data entry skills or you would like to take a data entry course to boost your resume, click on the orange button to find out exactly what it takes to work from home in the field of data entry. 


I'll cover everything from; what to expect with data entry at home as well as earning potential.  Also, we'll look at the skills and equipment needed and how to avoid the scams. 


Finally, I'll give you the names of legitimate companies that hire data entry workers from home and some great job sites that focus on remote workers.


To summarize, it's a very competitive field to go into because of the low barriers to entry.  So taking a course in data entry will probably pay off when hiring officials are comparing resumes.


Search Engine Optimization Consultant

seo 2 sm

Working from home as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant

SEO is an important component of a companies marketing strategy if they have a web presence. 


Of course, almost all companies have a web presence (except a few old school mom & pop companies).  Therefore, it's necessary and very important to their brand and overall marketing strategy to have a web presence that can be accessed through searches. 


SEO is the technical process that determines what you see as a consumer when you type in a word (doing a search) in Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Subsequently, if a company does not set up a good SEO strategy, you will never find that company's products or services when you do a search online.  As a result, it's a highly sought-after skill set that pays well and allows to make a good living while you earn money online.


Do you have an SEO background?  If yes and you are looking for the best remote opportunities, check out above or the three "Remote Jobs" website companies in Category 2 below.


If you don't have the background but would like to work as an SEO consultant from home, you can get the online training from one of our training partners.  Just click on the orange button below.


Social Media Consultant

Social media hi

Be a Social Media Consultant from the privacy of your home

Social media is a huge part of all companies marketing in 2018 and beyond.  In addition, it can be a very rewarding career option and pay very well.  As a result, you will set yourself up as a social media consultant and work exclusively out of your home office. 


Additionally, if you have a Social Media background and you are looking for work from home opportunities, click on above or the three "Remote Jobs" websites in Category 2 below.


If you don't have the background but would like to work as a Social Media consultant from home, you can get the online training from one of our training partners.  Just click on the orange button below.


Web Design Consultant
(Start with FREE Training)

web design sm

Experience the life of a web designer/developer in pajamas

As a web design consultant, you can focus on one industry and become an industry expert or you can work with all companies as a generalist.  


Furthermore, you decide how many hours you want to work when you contract with a client.  For example, a client tells you what they are looking for and you tell them how long it will take based on how many hours you want to work per week.


Additionally, web design is one of those professions you get better at with time.  For instance, I was not a web designer by trade but after going through the WA online training I build my own revenue-producing websites as well as contract work for businesses.


If you have a Web Design background and you are looking for work from home opportunities, click on above or the three "Remote Jobs" websites in Category 2 below.  To sum up, you can either find your own clients or let companies like Upwork do all the hard work and find the clients for you.


If you don't have the background but would like to work as a Web Designer from home, you can get the online training from one of our training partners.  Just click on the orange button below.


Contract Programmer

programming sm

Enjoy life as a remote programmer

Do you want to earn money online as a freelance programmer working from home?  According to the jobs analytics firm Burning Glass, there were seven million job openings in 2015 that were for jobs that required programming skills. Subsequently, these coding jobs are growing at a rate that is 12% faster than the market average. 


If you have a programming background and you are looking for work from home opportunities, click on above or the three "Remote Jobs" websites in Category 2 below.  Ultimately, you can either find your own clients or let companies like Upwork do all the hard work and find the clients for you.


If you don't have the background but would like to work as a Programmer from home, you can get the online training from one of our training partners.  Just click on the orange button below.



1. Quick Skills Academy
2. Lorman
3. Udemy
4. Future Learn

The orange "Click Here" button will take you to our "Online Career Training" page.  Once on this page, click on any of the partners you see above and type Programming in their search bar, which will bring up all the Programming classes available. 


Survey Taker

MindSwarms operates differently than other survey companies.  They utilize video surveys.


To participate you must be at least 18 to sign up.


Likewise, it’s FREE to sign up and once you do you can go online and review the surveys to determine which surveys you would like to sign up for.


Consequently, Mindswarms pays $50.00 for each survey you complete.  Given that the money is good and the time investment is minimal and each survey has limited spots available,  the surveys get full quick so you have to respond to them quickly when they contact you.


The biggest complaint is that there aren’t enough surveys.  For each survey, they look for different backgrounds, age, etc.  It depends upon their clients need for each survey.


Category 2


"3" Companies below that specialize in remote jobs

If you already have previous skills in an industry, then you may only be interested in pursuing remote jobs in your area of expertise.  


If you desire to work from home in a field you don't have previous experience, you can get the online training you need here to make a career move.


The three companies below also offer freelancers the same platform to find freelance clients.

remote sm
remote co header

No Fees employment opportunities are all remote. Moreover, they break down the remote listings into categories and display the most recent job listing first. Also, they provide search capabilities by keyword, company name or job title.


A very cool feature of is the vetting process, they promote a scam-free remote job search experience on their site by verifying each job and company before posting it on the platform.


Uniquely, the service is free to the job seeker. Companies posting a job pays a fee to utilize the site.


Each job listing has a “Apply for Job” link that connects directly to the hiring company’s application page for the specific remote job.


It's that simple!


They are affiliated with Flexjobs but this is their free service. made our TOP 3 list and is one of the best work from home opportunities in a remote setting where you can earn money online and live anywhere.


remoteok banner

No Fees

Remoteok is a "remote" job posting site that connects companies with remote jobs with those candidates seeking to work from anywhere.


Remoteok offers some of the best work from home opportunities.  If you don't have the skills to get your ideal remote job, get the online training here and start a new chapter in your life.


Some of their partner companies

remoteok clients 2
remoteok ceo 123


flexjobs logo

Monthly fee (14.95)  |  Quarterly (29.95)  |  Yearly (49.95)

FlexJobs is a website that finds some of the best remote jobs in the country. They do charge a fee to access their jobs due to the extra work involved in finding and vetting the best remote jobs in your city.


Flexjobs also releases an annual top 100 list of companies with the most remote jobs from a pool of 50,000 companies.


Hence, the top categories on the list that offer remote opportunities are; education, sales, customer service, healthcare, finance, travel, computer / IT plus 15 additional categories.


If you are looking for a solid platform for remote work from home opportunities, I suggest you try Flexjobs for one month and then evaluate.


Below you will find the top 50 remote jobs from Flexjobs

RankCompany Name
10Working Solutions
11LanguageLine Solutions
12Kelly Services
14UnitedHealth Group
18Cactus Communications
20BroadPath Healthcare Solutions
21Hilton Worldwide
22Commonwealth of Virginia
24Robert Half International
26Anthem, Inc.
29BCD Travel
32Thermo Fisher Scientific
34Connections Education
35PRA Health Sciences
39Vivint Smart Home
42Wells Fargo
44Grand Canyon University - GCU
45World Travel Holdings


10 tips 2

10 Tips for Working from Home

Whether you want to work at home for yourself or you work at home for a company, people deciding to work from a home office are already at 35% of the US workforce according to Forbes and its growing.


When seriously considering working remotely, you need to make sure you have considered some of the details. Below you will find 10 tips to consider when thinking about working a remote job or for yourself.



1. An organized office space:

Having an organized office space will help you build a successful “work from home” business for many reasons.  The main reason, you need to be organized and free of distractions to stay focused and meet your daily goals.

2. Dependable technology:

You will need a reliable computer, high-speed internet connection and phone.  The internet speed needs to able to accommodate video conference or chat if you are working for a company remotely at home or you have direct contact with clients across the country.


If you are working for yourself and you are involved in affiliate marketing (as mentioned above), you really will not have any client contact unless you’re doing some contract work too.


Furthermore, if you are working for a company, they may provide the technology you will use on a day to day basis.  On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, you are the one supplying the equipment.

3. Learn some new technologies:

You may find yourself in need of some training to run your new work at home business.  If this is the case, check out the training above for specific areas like social media or check out Udemy on our online training page and do a search for the skills you would like to enhance.

Here is a helpful tool that can be useful.

Only Wire

Onlywire is a web platform that allows you to broadcast to your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., with one click (instead of working on each social media channel separately).

Click the link for their free product. You can also upgrade to a paid version if you have more than three social media networks.

4. Work from Home Opportunities

There are opportunities in almost all fields, so really do some research with the four freelance / remote job companies on this page.  If you need additional training, check out the online training options at the top of each page.

5. Boundaries

Set boundaries to balance work life and family life under one roof.  In other words, if you have a child, spouse or parent under the same roof, make sure you set rules so everyone knows when they can and cannot access you.

6. Distractions will slow down productivity:

Working from home can be amazing but you will need to implement some new skills to keep you focused because distractions are around every corner at home.  For example, the kids, the parent, the tv, personal phone calls, laundry, browsing the internet, etc., will challenge your success at home. Implement some technology if that helps you stay focused.   Given these points, check out the FREE Stay-focused app for Chrome (HERE).

7. Time management:

Similar to organized office space and distractions, time management will help you succeed quicker and maintain that success.  With that in mind, put together a to-do list that you create the night before so you have a schedule and plan for each day.

8. Know how to spot a scam when looking for a remote job:

According to the experts, there are 50 scams for every legitimate job opportunity.  Go with your gut when something does not seem right.  So, if the job description is vague with no company name it is probably not legitimate.

9. Insurance:

Your current home or renter’s policy may not cover your home business if you have clients coming to your home or you store inventory.  Therefore, the cases above may require a rider on your current insurance policy.

10. Taxes:

Your taxes will be different if you are a work at home free-lancer vs. working at home for a company. Given that, you will be able to write off part or all of your home office costs.

I hope these tips help you set up a work at home business.  Working from home can be one of the most rewarding decisions you make.  You just have to implement some of the rules discussed above to ensure a successful transition into the world of working remotely.

Good luck and please leave comments below.



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