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Udemy Review

Online Training

Online training a.k.a. computer based training is training delivered via the internet.  

There are many online training companies, each with a little different set-up.

What is Udemy?

It is an online training platform offering more than 100,000 courses with more than 25 million students that have accessed their instructor-led training.  You get the idea, they have courses on everything.   


For some, a downside is they are not an accredited institution, meaning that courses don't count as college credit.   But, they offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field, and every approved course features a certificate of completion.  FYI: You can not get a degree from Udemy.  Some of the courses will apply toward technical certification programs.  So in answering the question What is Udemy, let's look at; How does it work?

How does Udemy operate?

Their training model is very unique.  Each class offered has been created by the instructor and is also owned and managed by the instructor.  Subsequently, the course format is lecture-based and these can include slides, videos, text, etc.  Also, instructors can add practice tests, quizzes, assignments, and exercises.

udemy books

Their courses are on-demand, so you choose the courses that interest you and you go through the course at your own pace.  In addition, you get lifetime access (which is awesome) to the courses you purchase so you can go through the course as many times as you desire as a refresher.


multiple devices

Devices | Platforms

Courses can be utilized from many different devices and platforms, including:


Android app
iOS app
Apple TV app


Getting Started with Udemy

It's an easy process to start training on their platform.  You sign up, search for the classes you are interested in and then do a little research to determine which class makes sense for you. 


I recommend that you listen to the instructors' intro video and make sure their communication style works for you.  Moreover, I also recommend that you sign up for classes that have had at least several hundred students or more that have gone through the course and that they have four stars or better.

Udemy has the worlds largest selection of courses

udemy courses

What is Udemy for Business?


Great Question.  Udemy for business is a subscription model designed to keep your employees plugged into an ongoing learning/training model.  Udemy offers an inexpensive way for companies to upskill their workers.

3000 courses

Access Udemy for Business | Click Here


See the list of courses below included in the business subscription.


They constantly updates this list. If you need the most current course list, export a list by going to Manage > Course Insights > Export Course List.


The Business subscription includes 3,000+ courses that Udemy curates from their consumer marketplace of over 100,000+ courses.


Udemy determines the best courses for this program by using a number of criteria, including course ratings, user engagement, and demand from all of our customers.


Udemy for Business Content Collection


Table of Contents

Cloud Computing
Data Science
Development 1
Finance & Accounting
Human Resources
IT Operations
Leadership & Management
Office Productivity
Personal Development
Project Management & Operations

Business Pricing Models




100,000 + courses

Train from anywhere

30 Day money back guarantee


Courses don't apply to college credit

You have to do your research with so many instructors to choose from






Udemy will not be a good fit if you are in need of a degree.  But if you are looking to learn a new skill or enhance your current skills then Udemy is a good choice for ongoing education.  


So what is Udemy?  It is an education platform that brings together some of the brightest instructors in all learning categories.  Most online education offerings on the web will not have this kind of depth of instructors.  I think it's a real plus.  Of course, there will be some duds in the group and that's why it's important to do your research first. 


Personally, I have taken their courses so I can speak from experience.  Not only have I purchased classes to help my business life but I've picked up some classes just for personal pleasure.  I recommend that you test the system and pick one class.  Do your research to make sure you like the sound of the instructors' voice, with at least four starts and a track record of students.


I also want to comment on Udemy for business.


Udemy for business is filling a much-needed void for businesses that want to upskill their workforce or add benefits to their existing employee benefits package.  

You can also customize training programs for your existing employees or new hires specific to the needs of your company.


So, that means you can hire something that really impresses you but they don't have the exact skills you need.  Consequently, you can now put them through your custom training programs to bring them up to speed.


Watch the Udemy Pinterest video to see how Pinterest applied the upskill learning initiative from Udemy.  Click here and scroll down to the Udemy for business summary and watch the video.


I've written a couple of articles for people wanting to work from home.  Given that, I also recommend the Udemy classes you will need to take for this new career adventure (Virtual Assistant Training & Transcriptionists ).


Also, check out the FREE affiliate marketing classes but read the WA review first.

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