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What is affiliate marketing training?


Let's find out!

At present, affiliate marketing is a powerful, effective, and popular online marketing venture.  Hence, it proves to be profitable for most internet marketers who are able to write a lot of good quality content. In addition, it takes patience, dedication, hard work, and the right affiliate marketing training to accomplish a successful business.


If you want to make money online as a full-time or part-time entrepreneur, then building an affiliate marketing business is a good option for you. Moreover, like most home income ventures, success comes after you do it correctly and consistently. You have to follow the training (no shortcuts) and then implement the training and stay focused.


That may sound simple but it is true. If you follow the training from a significant resource like Wealthy Affiliate or Solo Build It, then you will be successful. In addition, with the Wealthy Affiliate program, you can start with their free training (no credit card).  The only question will be when (not if). The when depends upon how much time you have to invest on a weekly basis?


Let’s dive into our topic today to learn more about affiliate marketing training and how you can make money from it.


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what is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing training?


Affiliate marketing training is a step-by-step program that helps you to learn specific details about affiliate marketing.   In turn, you can get your business off to a great start. The main purpose of affiliate marketing training is that they teach you important techniques that every affiliate marketer needs to possess to be successful.


Condensed down to its simplest form, you TRAIN, you BUILD and then you EARN.


Training is vital for you if you are new to this trade. When it comes to affiliate training, not only does it provide you with all the primary tools you need to get started, it will teach you how to use them successfully and effectively.


Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online even in your sleep. And, the main thing is it’s not all about promoting products. You have to master all the great marketing secrets.  For example, choosing the right keywords (after doing your keyword research) and setting up the correct placement, and many more techniques.


So let us see how affiliate marketing can help you to make money online.




select the right niche

Select a niche


One of the first things you will learn in your quest to answer the question; what is Affiliate Marketing Training, will be choosing a niche. You will learn how to choose a niche based on your interest. To start off your career in affiliate marketing and make money online, you have to choose your desired area of expertise to promote product or services.


But your niche doesn’t always have to be a field that you consider yourself an expert in. It could be something you are just interested in or enthusiastic about. Besides, you can always refer to the experts to promote themselves on your platform in exchange for content creation.


As the initial stage of the training is the hardest, (because everything is foreign and new) it’s better to choose something you are enthusiastic about.   So that the long hours sitting before your laptop do not seem like a burden (choose wisely).




choose a product or service

Choose a product or service you want to promote


Once you have chosen a niche, you are almost ready to start your career as an affiliate marketer. After the niche selection, you have to choose the kind of products or services you want to promote on your website or platform to make money online.


The ideal categories for newcomers are traditional products or services like gadgets, clothing brands, electronics, health products or kitchen items to name a few.


For example, if you choose the health niche, you will want to narrow down what your blog or website will focus in on. It may be weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig or weight lifting products to enhance muscle growth. You will need to focus on a product group and not try to be everything to everybody.




build your blog

Build out your blog or web structure


Good affiliate marketing training will use the step approach to build your blog or site. In other words, you will go through a training module and then you will implement. Consequently, then you will repeat this process until you have a complete revenue-based web structure built.


You would never go through days of monotonous online training and then have to remember everything and try to put it all together. If you encounter any training that does not use the (step process) learn a short module and implement and repeat approach, run 😉


There is a lot of moving parts to build a web-based revenue stream and it is crucial that you plug into a real affiliate marketing training program that has been around for at least 10 years.


Personally, I had never built anything online but after going through the affiliate marketing training (amazingly) I now consider myself a web developer/entrepreneur. Go figure 😉




drive traffic to your blog

Make money online by driving traffic to your affiliate program


Once you are finished with the initial web site framework, you will start setting up relationships with companies through their affiliate programs. The good news is, almost all companies have affiliate programs. In my example above, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system and the list goes on and on, promote their products and services online through affiliate programs.


Therefore, the next step is to draw traffic to your affiliate program.


And one of the easiest and most proven methods to make this happen is to create a blog based on your affiliate relationships.  Through web articles or blogging, you will drive customers to your site. Good affiliate marketing training will teach you how to build your content, target your audience, do your keyword research to rank on Google, Bing, and Yahoo and construct articles that will score high on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Other methods for driving traffic will be social media marketing through Facebook, Instagram, etc.   Also, you may include guest posting on other blogs that will direct traffic to your website as well. You can also use viral marketing or securing free links to websites with huge traffic, which is part of affiliate marketing training.




attract targeted traffic fo

Learn how to attract targeted traffic


Only getting people to visit your blog or website isn’t enough to make money online. In order to generate money from your affiliate marketing program, you need your visitors to click on your affiliate links. Here are the 4 primary methods you will learn from your affiliate marketing training to attract targeted traffic.


Content Marketing:

The best way to establish yourself as a credible online source is through content marketing. This method helps you to obtain a higher rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


Content marketing is just what it sounds like.  Hence, write a lot of good content and you will get the attention of the search engines.  Never the less, it's important to write content that is deemed valuable to the reader.  Any more it is all about the web searchers experience on your website. 


In my opinion, I like to have at least 1000 words per article.  Also, make sure you have done your keyword research and add your keywords appropriately within your content.  But make sure you don't get into what is called 'keyword stuffing".  Keyword stuffing is frowned upon with the search engines and basically is stuffing your keywords all over your content in hopes of gaining favor with the search engines. 


In summary, just write good content with the proper amount of keywords, good sentence structure and the correct use of H1, H2, and H3 header tags.



Paid Advertising:

This is an effective technique that combines highly-clickable links, graphics and ad copy. Paid advertising or pay-per-click method will earn you money from your affiliate program regardless of whether your target audience buys a product from you or not.


You can also use advertising code provided by Google AdSense to make the job easier. A comprehensive affiliate marketing training program will teach you everything you need to know about driving traffic to your site.


Free Advertising on websites:

This method helps you to place links or advertising on other websites so you could both earn money from the same link. So, what it basically means is that if someone clicks on your affiliate marketing link, both you and the website owner you have placed your ad on can make money through the pay-per-click method.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing consists of developing a database from your web visitors. Besides writing good email copy to interest your readers, you will need to embed some code on your site that sets up an email subscription option for your website visitors.

This process helps you build a list of names and email address. This leads to a long-lasting relationship between the marketer and the targeted audience. Ultimately, this list will be a huge asset and generate revenue for years to come. And yes, your affiliate marketing training will cover all aspects of email marketing.




learn from others in affili

Learn from other affiliates


A quick and smart way to get yourself familiar with affiliate marketing is to join forums or an online community to gather experience. Most of these forums are free and offers invaluable information at all experience levels.


And not only do you get valuable advice, but you can also gain networking opportunities from these online forums that will strengthen your connection with other online marketers.


For example, Wealthy Affiliate University has a 24/7 community live chat and you get to talk with other successful entrepreneurs from all over the world and pick their brains and develop lasting relationships and share strategies.




final thoughts

Final Thoughts


In summary, to be a successful affiliate marketer, your success depends on how well you execute your affiliate marketing training and strategy. In reality, affiliate marketing is no piece of cake and takes work like anything worthwhile in life.


And, like most other home-based business, it takes time to establish yourself as a successful affiliate marketer.


So, teaming with a great affiliate marketing training program can help you to advance your business’s pathway to greater success.


My take, it’s the best job in the world once you have mastered the process. You get to work from home from anywhere in the world and you can make more money than you would probably make in a traditional 9-5. It’s a win-win, but hard work at first.


With that said, I hope I answered the question; What is Affiliate Marketing Training. Ok, make sure you get really good training, read our Wealthy Affiliate Review and don’t give up!


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