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Wealthy Affiliate Programs Review


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Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle & Carson
Website URL:
Training: 4.9 / 5
Support: 4.9 / 5
Website Builder: 4.9 / 5
Word-press Hosting: 5.0 / 5
Research Tools: 5.0 / 5
Success Stories: 5.0 / 5 Ranking: 4.95 / 5


I wanted to start with Testimonials because Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials are extremely important for "We The Consumer" to get a feel from actual users whether the WA platform is the real deal and what has been their experience since joining.


Click on a testimonial below for a full-screen version.  Also, if you need larger text, click on the full-screen image one more time.  If a Wealthy Affiliate member uses their last name as their user name, the last name has been covered for privacy purposes.

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an online business platform that gives you everything you must have in one location to build, expand and manage your online businesses with the training and tools you need to succeed.

Since its inception in 2005, WA has become the largest online community of internet entrepreneurs in the world with members in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. 

What you will learn from this Wealthy Affiliate Review

Real Testimonials

Browse through testimonials from real members

How do you make money

We will review the ways you make money during and after training

Look under the hood

We will go through all of the features and tools of the platform

Free vs Premium

We will compare & contrast the two membership options

How do you make money at Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to generate revenue online utilizing all methods; Affiliate Marketing, Drop-shipping, Direct selling, Memberships Models, Service Models, and Google name a few.   

With that said, Wealthy Affiliate training programs do initially concentrate on the affiliate marketing model.   After you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing, then you can start training and implementing the other strategies if you desire.

Wealthy Affiliate Programs Diagram

What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is the process of bringing companies like Best Buy, Apple, The NFL, Amazon or e-Trade together with affiliate marketers to help them sell their products and services.  In essence, we are paid a commission when someone buys their products or services that we recommend. 


Think about this; every search you do on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., drives you to an affiliate marketer and just Google alone has about 57,000 searches a second.


Most companies have an affiliate program (United Airlines, Bank of America, Home Depot, Sony, Apple, Ford, etc.).  Because of the shift from traditional brick & mortar stores to online, we are just getting a slice of the online sales pie.


The WA model

Wealthy Affiliate recommends that you set up businesses online that are centered around things you love to do or passionate about.  The idea is this; if you are passionate about your online businesses, it is not like work and making money is a lot more fun and profitable.

wealthy affiliate programs 4 steps to success

Here is an example Let us say your passion is health – you would start a website that talks about health.  Besides articles about health, you might write reviews and discuss different health products. 


Let's also say these products are vitamins and supplements, weight loss products, products to help you maximize your workouts, home gym equipment and anything health related that you believe in. 


The next step for the affiliate marketer is to monetize the above-mentioned products.


On your website, you will direct people to these products that you believe in and every time they purchase these products, you earn a commission. 


You will direct them to online stores for companies like The Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, dick sporting goods, Bowflex, etc.

You are helping people find the products that they are looking for and you earn a commission.

SEO & Social Media

An important part of the training is (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMATION OR SEO) and this is where you learn how to drive people to your websites through GOOGLE, BING & YAHOO. You will also learn how to drive people to your sites utilizing social media and internet marketing.


The Wealthy Affiliate programs give you the training to complete all of these tasks and a lot more.  Just go through the training, follow the system, and ask questions when necessary and you will be on your way to building an online business that will provide you passive income while you sleep.


Most people will end up with two or more online businesses once you know what you are doing.

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.

Who is best suited for Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone from a complete newbie “I know nothing about online businesses” to a seasoned online entrepreneur that wants to scale up their businesses to a completely new level.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate for? WA caters to all levels of expertise, age, background, and nationality.

Who is NOT suited for Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is not for the person looking to make fast money or get rich quick.

Like anything worthy in life, you have to put in hard work and time to build something good. 

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

It consists of an online training platform, a tech support platform, as well as research and analysis tools, a domain procurement system and a sophisticated site builder


In addition, all of these Wealthy Affiliate programs are part of one complete online system.  Of course, I will go into more details regarding the platform details below. 

This platform is for both newbies and experienced affiliate marketers.  If you fall into the (newbie) category as I did, don't let all of the technical terms above spook you, you seriously don't need previous experience.   


That may sound hard to believe but that's what the training is for.  For instance, part of the training focuses on giving you the skills you need to utilize online tools.  Also, the Wealthy Affiliate tools are designed to take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. 


How it works:

You begin the free online training (it's continuous, you will always be learning new skills & training at WA - even after years of successful online revenue streams).


While you are training, you are also building your online business at the same time.  In other words, it is the best way to learn.  You go through a training module and then you build out that part.  In effect, you keep repeating this process until your first online revenue stream is live. 


It's important to realize, you earn while you learn (which is good).  Once your first project (business) is live, your revenue potential begins and then you continue to train and optimize.


It took me six months before I started my second business online.  In general, you never really stop training and optimizing each business.  With that said, I found that a lot of people work faster than me, but some take more time.  Nevertheless, it depends upon your situation. 


Most people have jobs and work to build their online business in the evenings or on weekends.  Then again, some have the luxury to go at it full time.  Some people build one great business that produces all the income they desire and they are happy.  Others want to diversify and have two or three online revenue streams. 


It's different for everyone but the motivation to get into the online world of business is usually similar: lifestyle (work remotely), financial freedom (or just an additional revenue stream), happiness/satisfaction (finding passion in what you do), etc.

The days of needing a programmer to build an online business are over. 

The skills you learn through the Wealthy Affiliate training platform are skills that you can take anywhere.  For me personally, I'm just interested in my own online businesses.   Conversely, some people will also take their new skills and do contract work too because these skills are highly sought after.

A Breakdown of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform


Training is a critical element in building a successful online business.  Whether you are a newbie like I was or you have some online experience, the WA training will give you the tools you need to build a SUCCESSFUL online business.


The training at WA is designed to accommodate all styles of learning.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification Training (5 certification courses / 50 lessons)
  • Live (interactive) video training (weekly)
  • Tutorials (video and written) (1000+)
  • Community training (training from successful members)
  • Affiliate Boot camp Training (70 lessons)


This is the most current training in the industry with updated training daily.  The WA members are also constantly sharing new techniques and successful lessons they have learned.  I have never seen anything like this where everybody shares his or her steps to success.  It is amazing!


I need pictures to help me visualize what I"m reading about so I'm adding screenshots to help you get a better picture of the platform.  Since these are screenshots, you are only getting a small visual of each tool.  


Click on any of the images below for a larger snap-shot

Training Certification Courses
Training HQ
Live Training
Course-Level Training

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.

Support from the experts and members

Live chat (this is real time | help within seconds)

Blog post (sends an email out with your question | help within minutes)

Comments (help within minutes)

Professional tech support (help within minutes)

Private messaging (help within hours)

Help Library (immediate)

State of the art support is at your fingertips 24/7




Support | Main Dashboard
Wealthy Affiliate programs support dashboard
Support | Help Center
Wealthy Affiliate support help center screen

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.

Tools Platform

Every business whether brick & mortar or online needs tools to be successful.  The Wealthy Affiliate programs provide tools that are simple to use and critical to your success. 


Every tool has a purpose and WA provides the training that will give you the confidence to use them like a pro.  I’ll cover some of the main tools below.

Click on any of the images below for a larger snap-shot


I knew absolutely zero about “KEYWORDS” before my training at WA.  Keywords are extremely important to any online business.  


Wealthy Affiliate provides the training and tools to harness the power of keywords.  The WA keyword tool (Jaxxy) will give you the information you need to understand what people are searching for in Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find the information they are seeking.


To get your online business website in front of the individuals that are searching online every day all day, you will need to understand the search behavior from the millions of people doing searches. 


The Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool will show you exactly what you need to know to tap into these audiences.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Keyword Research Training


Site Domains

Site domains are one of the most recent add-ons to the Wealthy Affiliate Programs tool-set.  In essence, you are now able to choose an online name for your business and buy the domain inside the WA platform. 


Normally people have to buy their domains from re-sellers like  In contrast, now you can buy your domain within the Wealthy Affiliate programs, which then integrates with everything within the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. 


Consequently, it streamlines the process when you are building and managing multiple online businesses.


Site Builder

Site Builder is the engine that builds your web front door.  You pick out the look, and the builder application does all the coding on the back-end and you have a business framework right in front of you. 


Now granted you have to add your content and tweak the site to get it the way you want but this tool is awesome.   


I have no web building experience and used to hire people to build our company website.  But with the Wealthy Affiliate programs training and the tools they provide,  I can build a web structure and the subsequent business around it. 



Site Content

Site Content is a state of the art content platform to aid you in writing your content and the organization of your content.  For example, you can build one writing template that you use for all of your articles or product reviews.   


I’m not a writer but Site Content helped me become a writer just by organizing my thoughts, streamlining my content and the goal setting feature is helpful too. 


Site Hosting

You have to have hosting if you have an online business.  WA takes the headaches out of building an online business and hosting is one of those steps that WA automates. 


Wealthy Affiliate provides managed hosting (aka, premium hosting), which means you don't have to worry about security, speed, etc.  The hosting, site builder, Phase 1 training, etc. is free with the WA free membership. 

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.


FREE Membership

There are two memberships at Wealthy Affiliate (Free & Premium).  The FREE membership (no credit card) gives you access to the WA platform and 10 free training courses with no time limit. 


FYI: I signed up initially for the free membership, which gave me the opportunity to use the Wealthy Affiliate Programs and Platform and start the training and build process. 


So I signed up, went through the free training, started getting familiar with the tools and talked with the WA community via the live chat feature.  Afterward, I was able to determine whether the WA business platform and starting an online business was right for me.  Consequently, the answer was YES. 


The free membership allowed me to learn and train before I ever pulled my credit card out.

Premium Membership

The premium membership (no contracts) can be pay as you go (49.00) per month (19.00 the first month) or annually at (359.00) which is about (30.00) per month. 


As mentioned above, after I became familiar with WA through the free membership, I started with the monthly option for two months and then decided this was everything I had hoped it was so I went with the annual just to save a few bucks.  I really like testing things out before I fully commit.


The premium membership is the real deal if you decide that you are ready to get serious about a secondary income or a new career in the world of online business.  Furthermore, if you decide you want to slice off your piece of the online revenue stream; ask yourself where else can you build a business for 359.00 a year. 


I like to compare things for my own piece of mind and to put things in perspective;  It cost less than my monthly mobile phone bill to build my online businesses….pretty crazy if you think about it.


Compare the cost of other monthly expenditures like your; auto payment, a weekend getaway or my monthly cable bill (yikes) to the cost of building a new revenue stream(s). 


My recommendation

Start with the free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing Page

Final Thoughts

Wow!  That was a longer review than I would have preferred.  There is so much happening at Wealthy Affiliate.  I wanted to give you the most complete look inside the WA platform through this review. 


There is a reason WA is the #1 Platform for Internet Entrepreneurs in the world.  It is the most complete platform in the industry for building an online business. 


If you go through the training and put the necessary time in and reach out to the community when you have questions, you will build a successful online business (period). 


Here is the path to success; 1) Training (which is ongoing), 2) A platform with all the tools and support to build out your businesses, 3) Work (You have to put in the time, be focused and driven).  It's not a case of can I succeed, but a case of when will I succeed.  You will succeed by bringing all three elements together. 


Some WA members join this platform with previous computer experience but most do not have any previous experience in tech, design or writing.  They succeed just as fast or maybe faster because they are a blank slate and the training is absorbed with no previous bad habits.


For $0 dollars, you can get involved with Wealthy Affiliate and find out what is going on inside the platform.  As I mentioned above, I recommend sign up for the FREE membership before you commit to spending a nickel. 


Sign up for the free membership, do your due diligence and check out everything.  Afterward, if you decide to go premium (after experiencing the free training) it's about a dollar a day to build out our business.  A dollar a day to change your direction in life.  Not bad.  When I had a 9-5, I used to spend eight to ten dollars a day on lunch and it didn't positively affect my life.  lol


Who is WA for?

  • Individuals that are tired of the 9 – 5 and want their own business
  • Individuals that want a new career and need the training
  • Someone that just wants to supplement his or her current income
  • Businesses that want to learn how to harness the power of the internet
  • Businesses that want more online exposure
  • Retired individuals that have some free time and need more money
  • Stay at home mothers & fathers who have a little extra time
  • Students that want to pay for college vs debt


I'm stressing the FREE account so much in this review because I know what the outcome will be.  It has greatly impacted the direction of my life and it started with a free account.  Sign up for the FREE account and FREE training.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


As mentioned earlier, if you desire additional online training in another category, check out the traditional training options on the home page or click here.  If you are interested in other work from home opportunities, click here.


Good luck in all your endeavors and if you have any questions about the Wealthy Affiliate Programs, please send me your questions.  I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.


All the best,


Ready to sign up for your FREE Training?

Remember, your credit card stays in your pocket.




I have two favors to ask.  Please ask any questions you may have and rate this review.  We sure appreciate your feedback!

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