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Virtual Assistant Training For You?

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Do you want to be a Virtual Assistant?  If yes, do you need Virtual Assistant Training?


Virtual assistant training may be for you but first, let's explore what a virtual assistant does.  A virtual assistant operates from a home base and this occupation can be very lucrative.  Ultimately, you are leveraging skills you have or skills you can get here at (See at the end of this article).

The term “virtual” means (not onsite).  A virtual assistant works from home and offers assistance to companies or individuals.  In turn, all transactions occur online from your home location.


Your set-up can be; either working for yourself at home or working for a company at home.  Equally, each has its benefits and negatives which I will cover below.


All things considered, you probably do not need additional training if you have basic Microsoft skills and are very organized and task-driven.  With that said, additional skills that you may already have or can get with some additional training will translate into more money.


I will layout some of the VA activities that you can promote when looking for a Virtual Assistant position.  Hence, the more skills you have, the more $$ you make.  Side note: you can be a specialist focusing on certain vertical markets too if you have the appropriate background.

desk w training sm

Basic Virtual Assistant Skills:

Data entry
Customer Service
Proof Reading
Calendar management

Additional skills that will increase $$:

Social Media
Copy Writing
Project management
Graphic & Web Design
Event Planning
Blog development


vitrual assistant training tasks


How do you get started?

I do recommend the virtual assistant training below to give you an edge in the market. 


Choose whether you want to be a freelancer/contractor or an employee.


As a contractor, you can either find your own clients on sites like,, & for a few examples.  This option will require some tax knowledge because it will be up to you to understand how much money you need to set aside for taxes.  Consequently, you will also need to find your clients and manage your business but you will experience greater flexibility in your hours and usually make more money.


Option 2; choose to work for a Virtual Assistant company like BELAY, Elite VA, Worldwide101, Time Etc, Prialto, MyTasker, and Virtual Employee to name a few.  As an employee, you don’t have to find clients or worry about tax implications but your hours may be less flexible and your pay will be pre-determined.


The Virtual Assistant structure you choose will depend upon many factors like experience, your availability, and commitment desire to completely control your own destiny.


How much money can I make?

how much money can you make

It depends upon the employee vs. freelancer equation but the range is between $12.00 to $75.00+hour and what additional skills you bring to the table.


If you are an employee, you do not need much other than a computer, high-speed internet, phone, printer, and scanner.


As a freelancer, you need the above equipment plus a website and some inexpensive accounting software.  Plus, I will share a great course that will hold your hand in creating a website if you choose the freelancer path.


You really just need good business and organizational skills to get started but I would recommend a Virtual Assistant Training course.  This course will not only give you confidence for your new adventure but may translate to more revenue right out of the gate.  However, there are two different courses below, therefore, click the button and read the descriptions.  One is more geared for the freelance opportunity and the other covers both options.


Additional Training Can Seriously Increase What You Charge


I will also include some courses below that will increase your rate of pay and beef up your skills on your resume  These additional courses will be in social media, (SEO) search engine optimization (see below).  I also recommend that you check out our online training portal below, for even more options. 


Our "Traditional Online Training" page will open a world of online training that will only increase your value as a virtual assistant.  For example, I mentioned SEO training above. 


SEO or search engine optimization is probably a skill that most virtual assistants do not have.  SEO is a highly sought after skill and companies pay some SEO experts $100.00 or more an hour just for that one skill.  So you can imagine, if you combined some basic SEO in resume portfolio without becoming an expert, you will stand out in the crowd.


I would also recommend taking a design class that would give you some skill in the area of designing marketing materials, business cards, and logos.


Most Virtual Assistants don't have these additional skills and it will pay off in getting top VA jobs for top pay.  In other words, it will put you in a category that will push you over the revenue threshold when compared to industry averages.


It's just one of many courses you can take to get an edge up on other folks applying for a virtual assistant position.  Hence, the courses below will be a combination of free Microsoft Word and Excel courses as well as specific courses for Virtual Assistants, SEO, etc.    Therefore, I recommend you scroll through both the free and paid options and find the right combination for you.

Companies that connect VA's with Job Opportunities

Click on a company below to access their site


If you're interested in working remotely at home, check out our "Work From Home Opportunities" article and review the companies that you can work with to find exciting virtual assistant jobs from home.


One of those companies is Upwork.  So, just browse their VA jobs and get in the game.


Also, a couple of other articles similar to this one about working from home are:

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Data Entry jobs at home


Please leave your thoughts/comments below.  Thanks!


  1. Adolph Sloop on September 7, 2019 at 4:04 pm

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    • Mark on September 8, 2019 at 2:40 am

      I really appreciate the feedback! Thank You!

  2. Gowen on September 15, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Virtual Assistants have been extensively utilized since the 80’s and common in most large companies. More recently they’ve caught on with smaller businesses, which makes it a great equalizer in the market.

    • Mark on September 15, 2019 at 5:47 am

      Let me know if you are interested in writing a guest post about Virtual Assistants for Realestate. I think potential VA’s would find it very relevant. Thanks

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