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The Wealthy Affiliate Video Tour

The Wealthy Affiliate Video Tour will give you an actual walkthrough of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform from one of the owners (Kyle).  In addition, I want you to know that the starter membership and access to the platform is FREE.  In other words, the account is FREE, the first 9 training courses are FREE, the builders are FREE and the hosting is FREE (everything is free).


Wealthy Affiliate lrg

There is no time limit on your free account.  That is to say, if it takes you 6 months to go through the training and figure out whether an online business is for you – awesome, you can do that at Wealthy Affiliate.  In a word, they want you to see and understand what the WA platform has to offer before you ever move forward beyond the 9 free classes.


In this Wealthy Affiliate video, Kyle will walk you through all aspects of Wealthy Affiliate.  He is very thorough so strap in, this will take a little while.  If you are not as a patient like me, jump over to the WA review and you will get a condensed version with screenshots that break down the entire platform.


In this video, Kyle will cover:


The starter membership

The Certification Training

How to get started quickly

Navigation through the platform

Community Support

Live Chat

Tech Support

The workflow

Training HQ

The Builder tools

Research tools

How you make money

And more training



You keep your credit card in your pocket.  In effect, you get to see "first hand" what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and go through 9 lessons that teach you how to how to build an online business and be a part of this revenue shift from brick & mortar sales to online sales- no strings attached.


Sign up for a FREE account


I recommend you watch the Wealthy Affiliate Video in full-screen mode.  Afterward, sign up for your free account and get started.  Again, you have nothing to lose since it is all free.


You never run across an opportunity like this.  I know because I've been scouring the internet for years for something that sounded legit and didn't require my credit card number.


I have always felt that any really good internet opportunity should not require a credit card upfront.  My thinking was this - if it's that good, people will want to sign up for (whatever it is) after they test the program or system.


But, it was not until I ran across Wealthy Affiliate and watched the Wealthy Affiliate video that I finally found a legitimate opportunity that didn't want my credit card upfront.


With that said, I have tried online tools where I had a trial period that did not require a credit card (like a keyword tool) but never a large business building platform system.  All of the big cloud-based software systems wanted that credit card up front and then after the trial, they wanted their money.



My Recommendation


I recommend that you read my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you need more information on Wealthy Affiliate.


For me, I had the same questions in 2017 when I joined with no experience in the online world.   So, I can tell you from my perspective, what got me to where I am today (4 revenue-generating businesses, 3 more in development and 5 test sites), THE TRAINING.


Also, a great affiliate program is super important, which I'll explain but the training was initially the key and it still is.  I'm still training because the training never stops.  Consequently, there is always something new to learn.


So, getting to the affiliate program.  Needless to say, you need both, an amazing training that covers all the bases from beginner and more advanced training as you grow.  




Again, advanced training is important because you want to constantly be growing. 


With that said, I'm about to embark of some new training in drop-shipping.  I'm excited to get started and expand my online business.  Currently, my online businesses revolve around affiliate marketing but I have a desire to branch out and try something new.  With the said, you just have to go to the Training HQ section of the platform and choose a topic like drop-shipping, email marketing, Facebook marketing, and the list goes on and on.


That's what I love about the WA training, they have thousands of classes in so many areas.  The downside is that you have to stay focused and not do too many things at once.  You get pretty excited when you start and you want to learn everything.  Well, that takes time and you need to pace yourself.


The WA program, which you can read about it by "clicking on Start Here menu" is advanced and comes with the ability to build out 25 web business with 25 development sites.


Why is that important?  For example, other programs give you the ability to build out one web business and if you are ready to diversify and build out several more (down the road) you'll have to pay these companies another 30 or 40 dollars a month for each web business. 


For WA pricing, click on start here in the menu and scroll down to pricing.  So to recap, WA gives you room to grow, the best training you can get to build out an online business and support 24/7.  Watch the Wealthy Affiliate Video and it should explain everything.  If you are not into videos, read my review.


I wish you all the best!  My name is Mark, reach out to me if you have any questions.

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