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My Journey

If you are seeking to understand how to learn about online marketing and how to make money online, I will share what I learned through a lot of time & research and what I am doing now.

My name is Mark and I was right where you are back in 2017.  I had no idea how to capitalize on this massive revenue shift for online goods and services.

My goal was to see if I could tap into the world of online business, I just did not have a clue how to do it.

Hence, I was trying to determine how to learn about online business.  In other words, once I figured out the "how" then I could dig in and start learning.

So in my search for information, I ran across a few shady deals that wanted my credit card info to get involved.  I was a business owner for over 10 years in the world of traditional marketing, so I am pretty good at spotting a bogus opportunity (at least I think so). 

With that said, it is a little heartbreaking to be investing a lot of time and coming up empty and running across a few scam-like deals without any real answers to the question (what can I do online).  Never the less, I was determined to figure it out and that's what kept me in the game.  I knew people were making money online.

I used to hire creative folks in my previous life so I was aware of some of the professions in the digital world.  For example, you have search engine optimization experts, website builders aka; designers & programmers, copywriters and people that have products or services to sell online, etc.

I had none of these things to offer.

So, how are other people making money online and tapping into this shift of wealth from traditional to online?

That is one reason I am writing the article "How to learn about online marketing in four steps".  It would have saved me a lot of valuable time if I had come across honest information at the beginning of my research.


I did finally figure it out (at least for me) but it seemed like it took me quite a while to sift through all the data and a lot of C-R-A-P to get here.  My research consisted of search engines, tech industry articles, talking with successful entrepreneurs and reading reviews.


Was it worth it? 

Well, it ended up changing my course in life.  What is it?  The online businesses I build now are in a category called Affiliate Marketing.  I make money when someone goes onto Amazon and buys a computer, Home Depot and buys a refrigerator, books a flight, buys a financial product or any product or service that is sold in a global market.


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Fast forward to today (April 2019).  I now have 4 revenue-generating businesses, 3 more in development and 5 test sites that allow me to test new ideas before implementing them on my live sites.  My goal is to have ten online businesses generating revenue in a variety of areas keeping me diversified.


So for me, yes I found the best work from home online business.  I do not invest in inventory or ship anything out.  The cool thing is if I ever did come up with a product that I wanted to sell online I now have the skills to build a business around it.  I do not see that happening but there is freedom in knowing how to do it.


To give you an idea; I have a pet products website, a transportation-related website, an NFL sports gear website and a marketing website that promotes training; traditional and affiliate marketing.


What is next?


I will go into more detail regarding affiliate marketing in the resources below:



Here is the reality.  To start a successful online (work from home while you are still working your full-time job) business, you have to have training.  There is no way around that but the good news is you can get free training.


how to learn about online marketing training sign


I am talking about free training where you do not give anyone your credit card information.  See for me, anytime I have to give my credit card info (even if they are supposedly not going to charge the card) I am suspicious.



Here Are Some Basics You Will Need To Master


There is no doubt that the potential of online marketing is vast, and many individuals want to get involved. The truth is that it isn’t as easy as the gurus are making it sound that you can start making serious money online as a beginner. This means that you could be frustrated without the right tips on how to succeed in your online marketing adventure.


Are you planning to delve into the business of online marketing? Do you know that this business has got some hidden secrets which the successful online marketers have kept away from you? Why; because online marketers don’t want everyone to know how to succeed online because it creates more competition for them.


The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. This post will be discussing how to learn about online marketing. These tips will definitely take you from newbie to a pro in no time.

Be focused


This is the first step that you need to understand about online marketing. Digital marketing is diverse as there are lots of different opportunities. Simply put, there are various online marketing jobs at home. These could be affiliate marketing, domain flipping, dropshipping, information marketing, and others. Trying to focus on all of these at once can only make you fail easily.


This is why you need to choose a particular field in online marketing. Such a decision will help you understand which area to focus on.


Having the right mindset


As simple as this may sound, it has been discovered to be responsible for the frustration most people getting into online marketing usually suffer. It doesn’t really matter the kind of online marketing business model that you have chosen as explained above. This is because you could still fail without the right mindset.


It is all about going on until you’ve achieved your goal. The easiest way to develop the right mindset that can help you succeed in this business is trying to give yourself a good reason not to quit. Whenever you seem to have a challenge in this business, try to remember the major reason you are in it.


It could be achieving financial freedom, having the chance to travel around the world, quitting your day job and others. Just be honest with yourself here in order to keep going.



Choosing the right niche


As a newbie, you may want to make the mistake of choosing a market instead of a niche. The former option will only make things much harder as you may struggle to make your first sale. A niche is a small group of people who have a need for a product or service. These people will be willing to respond to your offers.


An example of a market is health (which is broad), while that of niche is weight loss. You can see that in the health market there are various fields one can choose from. These could be weight loss, skin care, beauty, and others. Don’t target the entire market to avoid frustration. Just choose one submarket like the weight loss niche.



Understanding the basics


Despite the fact that there are various online marketing jobs at home options as listed above, these are all operating under the same principles which you need to understand. For instance, you have to learn about how to build a stunning website that converts, driving traffic to your website, effective list building strategies, website ranking secrets and others. I will recommend some training to bring you up to speed on how to accomplish these steps.


Trying to learn how to market your products online without familiarizing yourself with these topics is like building castles in the air. The reason is that they will form a basis for your success.



Learning from the experts


If you want to understand how to learn about online marketing, it is important that you get some training (as mentioned above) from a training resource that has proven to be successful in your field of interest. For instance, you want to get involved in affiliate marketing but don’t really understand anything about it. The best thing to do is search for a reputable training program that can teach you everything you need to know without breaking the bank. Click Here for my recommendation for some of the best online marketing training.


You can also seek out an internet expert. There are lots of internet marketing experts who have proven to be authorities in their respective fields over the years. These individuals have updated knowledge about internet marketing. You can easily choose one to learn from.


A great way to go about this is spending time to watch videos about internet marketing on YouTube, buying courses online and becoming a member of internet marketing forums. The last option can help you meet people who will be willing to help you out in your internet marketing endeavors. Click Here for my recommendation on “best” internet guru.



Having a clear plan


The subject of how to learn about online marketing is very broad and can really get you confused. When this happens, you will be wasting your money and time on materials that will never yield any result. There is one solution to this problem which is having a very clear and realistic plan.


For instance, you need to decide on which method of traffic to use in exposing your products. This is because there are numerous traffic sources like writing articles, creating videos, social media engagement, PPC ads, banner ads, SEO, guest blogging, and more. Have a plan about which one to make use of and I recommend that you incorporate several methods together for maximum impact.



Taking action


It doesn’t really matter how many online marketing jobs at home you have studied about in the past. This is because you will never make a single dime when action isn’t taken on what you have learned. Most people are scared of trying something new. They read everything under the sun without taking action.


Avoid such a temptation as you may end up buying one course after the other without any result to show. If you learn something about internet marketing, the best way to make such knowledge stick in is when you take action on what has been learned. In a nutshell, practice makes perfect.





Based on the above, it is obvious that succeeding as an online marketer is very easy once you understand what to do. Just ensure that the above tips are followed and you will not have a much better chance of success.


  1. Audry on July 5, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    There is certainly ɑ great deal to find out about tһis subject.
    I really like alⅼ the p᧐ints you maԁe.

    • Mark on July 5, 2019 at 4:00 pm

      Check back often Audry, we are always adding new content covering this topic.

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