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The John Crestani Affiliate Program

Top Facts You Should Know About The John Crestani Affiliate Program

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The world of internet marketing is known to have helped many people quit their day jobs. This is due to its high earning potential as well as freedom of working from anywhere and at any time.


There are marketers who have managed to make this kind of lifestyle a reality by earning big commissions and John Crestani is one of them.


In case you are just hearing the name for the first time, read the details of this post from beginning to end. It will reveal details about the John Crestani affiliate program.

Who Is John Crestani?

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John Crestani is a 29-year-old college dropout who has gone on to become famous in the world of affiliate marketing by earning huge commissions that most people can only dream of. He understood earlier that his chances of getting his dream job were limited. This realization changed his course in life and he started looking for other money-making opportunities online.  Read the Forbes article here.


Just like many other marketers who would later become successful and famous, John didn’t just start making huge commissions overnight. This is because it involved some trial and error processes before he would stumble upon a winning formula. Although he failed over and over again, he became successful eventually due to having the motivation to succeed online. His success came from having to build a website that focused on promoting health products.


Over the years, he has proven to be an expert especially in fields like:


  • Facebook ads
  • Internet marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Google Adwords
  • Conversion optimization
  • Business development

His accomplishments

He began his online adventure in the year 2011 dabbling into various internet businesses that promised riches. As stated above, most of these never earned him a single dime until he started his affiliate market business.


Within a period of 24 months (2 years), he was able to make around $100,000. This amount has grown over the years as he now earns about $5million every year from the comfort of his home promoting products online.


The accomplishments of John Crestani in internet marketing show that anyone can be successful in promoting products online. What is only required is commitment and dedication to the course of succeeding no matter what. For instance, his earning for the past years are:


  • $500,000 in 2014
  • $1million in 2015
  • Almost $5million in 2016
  • And he’s closing in on 1 million a month as of today


He explained that the internet lifestyle has made him enjoy the freedom of moving to any location and traveling the world.

John Crestani's Affiliate Program

John Crestani affiliate pro

The lifestyle and accomplishments of John Crestani is something that most people have always dreamt of over the years. They fancied themselves living in big houses and driving expensive cars. The good part is that through the John Crestani affiliate program such can become a reality. This is known as the Super Affiliate System.


A program like this allows you to duplicate his strategies. Strategies that this affiliate marketing expert has been using over the years to earn high commissions on autopilot. It means you don’t have to struggle to go through the trial and error process that he once went through initially.


In case you are wondering what will be revealed in this program, ensure to read the details below. They will be outlining the steps you can take to become successful like John Crestani. Some of these are:


This is the introductory section where you will be taught the basics of internet marketing. You are going to understand what affiliate marketing is all about, the dos and don’ts of this business. Also, you will be exposed to some of the best affiliate marketing programs to sign up for.

The Super Affiliate System (SAS)

Super Affiliate System is a comprehensive, step-by-step training course designed to bring you from complete newbie to successful affiliate marketer. The 6-week training system will give you the actual steps that John uses to excel in affiliate marketing without the years of trial and error. You will learn secret sauce about affiliate marketing that most online marketers do not know.


As mentioned, the training is a 6-week course but you can go at your own pace. You don’t have access to all 6 weeks at once. This is a well thought out program and they want you to absorb each week entirely before you have access to the next week. Consequently, you will watch short bit-sized videos (max size 25 minutes) and then you will have homework to actually start building your business. With that said, you may have 5 to 15 videos per week depending upon what week you are on and subsequent homework.


Also, moving through the lessons, you have to mark each lesson complete before the system opens up the next lesson. In essence, this is to prevent you from skimming and jumping around.

The Super Affiliate System Dashboard

SAS Dashboard

The main dashboard Menu


  • Courses
  • Weekly Calls
  • Inner Circle
  • Resources
  • Community Support


Here’s how the dashboard works. Under courses, you’ll find the weekly training. As mentioned, you can’t jump ahead but you can go back to the previous courses over and over. Basically, this becomes your library if you need to go back and review.


Weekly calls are an archive of previous weekly coaching calls. With the SAS program, you can sit in on a weekly live webinar. At the end of the webinar, you have a Q & A.


Inner Circle is private coaching if you are a newbie or just want to get a head start.


Resources is where you will find all of the insider goodies. For example, you’ll have access to targeting data ( you can’t get this anywhere else). Ad Swipes; which is the ad copy and John’s personal library that gives you his templates and content for Google, Facebook, Solo Ads, Youtube marketing and much more. This library alone is invaluable.


Presell pages is another goldmine of everything you need to start making money immediately. This is the creative content that is already developed for you. Seriously, it would take years (which it did) to develop this on your own. There’s no need to come up with your own content.


And then to round out the rest of the menu items under resources:


  • Affiliate Networks
  • Advertising Networks
  • Legal Resources
  • Other Vendors


All of these menu items under “Resources” are packed full of years of perfecting the process from John Crestani’s own library of tools.
Last but not least is the Community tab & the Support tab.


Uniquely, this is where you will discuss topics with other like-minded people going through the program. Also, you will also interface with the support in this section as well. There is a mountain of information within these two tabs.

Breakdown of the 6 week Super Affiliate System Courses

The training is comprised of online video training that is formatted for short training bursts of no more than 25 minutes. You are actually learning and setting up the system before you move to the next weeks training. In other words, the training is cut into these short segments so your brain is not bogged down with long training secessions. And, by hearing and doing for each module you are learning much faster by taking action before moving to the next step.


Welcome Module


Congratulations and Welcome to the Welcome Module
How This Course Works
What's in the course
Why affiliate marketing?
The SAS Dashboard
The Community
Badges & Why They Matter
How to Get The Best Chances At Success
Setting a goal
Support Resources


Week one:


Affiliate Marketing Step By Step
Joining an affiliate network
Choosing Your Niche
Finding Clickbank Offers
Finding Offers on Other Affiliate Networks
Common Mistakes in Choosing an Offer
Solo Ads Setup
Udimi Solo Ads, Other Offers
Other Solo Ad Providers
Bryan Biscoe – Why Leverage Solo Ads
Bryan Biscoe – Researching and Selecting a Solo Ad Provider
Bryan Biscoe – Tracking and Testing your Solo Ad Campaigns
Common Setup Mistakes
Tracking, Testing, and Advanced Strategies
Affiliate Marketing Basics Recap


Week two:


Websites & Funnels Introduction
Website, Lander, Presell, Squeeze, Funnel
Registering Your Website
Manual Method
Clickfunnels Method
Using Additional Domains
Common Presell Page Mistakes
Advanced Website Tactics
Funnel Hacking Recap


Week three:


Search Advertising Welcome Video
Google Search Ads Setup
Google Display Ads Setup
Adwords Conversion Pixel Setup
Common Google Ads Mistakes
Advanced Search Tactics: Intent
Search Marketing Recap


Week four:


Video Advertising Course Welcome
Youtube Channel Setup
Youtube Ad Setup
Why Exclude Mobile?
Common Youtube Mistakes
Advanced Video Advertising Tactics: Shooting Your Own Videos
Video Marketing Recap


Week five:


Social Advertising Course Welcome Video
Advanced Facebook Advertising with Robbie Blanchard
Tim Burd Introduction
Tim, How To Keep Compliant With Facebook
Advanced Social Advertising Tactics
Social Advertising Recap


Week six:


Advanced Affiliate Marketing Introduction
Scaling Basics
Payout Bumps
Brian Pfeiffer, How To Breakthrough
Ronnie, Speaking To The Reptile Brain
Ronnie, How To Hack People’s Trust
Ronnie, Highly Profitable Headlines
Ronnie, Famous Copywriters
Next Level Affiliate Strategies
Advanced Affiliate Marketing Recap


Based on the above, it is obvious that John Crestani is a pacesetter in the field of digital marketing and someone every aspiring internet marketer should be looking up to.


I recommend that you watch his video and then sign up for his FREE webinar.   Just click on the "Reserve Your Seat Now" in the image above. 


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