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How does Wealthy Affiliate really work

In terms of the program, how does Wealthy Affiliate really work?  Here is a simple snapshot to give you a big picture overview.

The actual training and process if very sophisticated.  For example, WA teaches you how to build your business from the ground up and covers things such as structure, content, customer service, search engine optimization, marketing, social media and a LOT MORE.


Step 1 on how wealthy affiliate really works
Choose an Interest
or niche



Step 2 on how wealthy affiliate really works
Build a Website


Step 3 on how wealthy affiliate really works
Attract Visitors
& customers


Step 4 on how wealthy affiliate really works
Earn Revenue

Step 1 in detail1

Choose an Interest or niche


What kind of interests do you have?  Are there things that get you excited, what are they?  Think about your hobbies.  We all have things that interest us.  With that said, this program does not require you to choose something you are interested in order to make money. 


In reality, there are countless ideas that you can pursue online and we are going to help you figure out a solid and profitable topic to pursue within Wealthy Affiliate.


choosing a good niche is starting to answer how does wealthy affiliate really work


Here is an example, I will say I am interested in weight loss and ways I can reduce my weight and get in shape.  That idea can be my first website. 




Case and point, there are 3.75 billion people online and regardless of the idea that you choose, you can be extremely prosperous.


You can choose your own idea (something that gets you excited) or use our pre-selected topics.  At the same time, we also have training that shows you how to zero in on a topic.  The idea is to enjoy what you are doing.  No experience required.


When you choose a topic, success will follow when you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and the training that goes with it.


3.75 Billion

Step 2 in detail2

Build a Website platform

Building your very own website is SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. 


The process takes less than 30 seconds to build a beautiful looking, mobile-ready, and revenue ready website (this is for the initial automated build - you'll be adding your content shortly after). 


Your website is going to be the foundation of your business, and that will ultimately lead to a successful venture.


build a website


Think of your website as your “storefront” for your business. All activity and all revenue will be generated as a result of your website. 




Consequently, there are MANY ways you can generate this revenue. We are going to teach you all about that!


At, you have access to the most advanced website and hosting platform in the world. A platform built for the most sophisticated online entrepreneurs from a technical standpoint, but from an ease of use standpoint, it is an experience that any newbie can thrive within.


30 Seconds

Step 3 in detail3

Attract Visitors & customers

In our quest to answer the question, how does Wealthy Affiliate really work, you have to discuss traffic to your site.  After you build your website, it is time to focus and the revenue part and that means getting people to the site.   If you do not have visitors and customers, you do not earn revenue.  Obviously, this is very important.


how does wealthy affiliate really work, by attracting customers

Once you get plugged into the WA system you will be leaning in your training courses about the different ways to drive the right kind of customers to your website through SEO techniques from Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


That may or may not make sense right now.  It will make sense very soon.


Billions of active internet users = Big opportunity

step 3 graph

Internet users

Here are some stats; in 2017, there were more than 3.75 Billion internet users searching for ways to solve problems, purchasing products and looking for basic info.  This opportunity is big and your opportunity is big.  Needless to say, it is only getting bigger each year.


After you learn how to profit from this internet audience, you own the trade secrets to build and grow any business in any segment that you have interest in pursuing.


WA will help you capitalize on all of the techniques from Social media and search engine optimization (which determines how you rank in a search) and pay per click.  You will have full access to the world’s most advanced platform and web tool that also gives your access to successful online entrepreneurs.

Step 4 in detail4

Earn Revenue

After you have web traffic (an audience), you have many ways to drive revenue to your site.  One of those ways is affiliate marketing programs.  Affiliate programs are completely free to join and are associated with all products and services.


monetize your website


Affiliate programs set you up to sell or promote just about all products and services you can imagine without the need to buy or create products. 




That means no inventory, no product support or shipping.  The best part is that you can run your businesses from anywhere in the US and beyond.


When you are an affiliate marketer, you will drive traffic to one of your websites.  The companies like Samsung or Apple pay you a commission of up to 75% when your traffic buys something.


Here is an example.  You can become an affiliate marketer of  When you are working with Amazon as an affiliate, you have 488 million products you can promote and earn between 6-10% commissions.  One referral can mean $1000’s in commissions.


step 4 amazon logo

More than 100,000 affiliate-marketing programs are available to join.  Every product you can think of has an affiliate program.


You will gain a skill set through this program that will make you very valuable as an affiliate marketer.

step 4 revenue logos white

The affiliate marketing industry alone produced over 3.4 Billion in sales. 

Wealthy Affiliate produces many of the top marketing professionals in the industry. 

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing company in the world with over 850,000 affiliates over all continents.  So you can imagine that the training is the best you will find in the industry.

step 4 graph

Each year the revenue that is generated from online sales is growing rapidly. 

You are at the right place at the right time to take advantage of this massive buying shift in the US and every other country.


With that said, I'm hoping that I'm starting to answer the question of How does Wealthy Affiliate really work but for a more in-depth answer, (Click Here)  and read the review.


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