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Free Excel Courses That Will Rock Your World

The "ABSOLUTE" BEST SELECTION of FREE Excel Training Courses Online


We will also provide you with access to Microsoft Office's FREE Online portal for you & your team

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What will you find in your quest for free courses?

Well, for one thing, you will find free excel courses which is why you are here :). Please check out some of our other free courses from the top menu bar.


Not too many people are proficient in Microsoft Excel (at least I wasn't) and it usually takes training to really understand it. So with that said, if you enhance your Excel skills, it can increase your productivity at work and revenue potential.


For example, we have an article that discusses working remotely as a virtual assistant. If you have Excel skills, your value and the amount you can charge clients goes up. So, taking excel training courses can translate into more money. I like that outcome :).


1) Free Excel Courses
2) Free access to Microsoft Office Online


What do you really need to learn?


Create charts from your spreadsheet data.
Build PivotTables to find relationships between data.
Develop histograms of data from the charts you create.
Enter formulas across cells, rows, and columns.
Group, ungroup, and reformat rows and columns.
Run accounting functions to track business finances.
Add conditional formatting to rows and columns that fit certain criteria.
Perform data validation to control the format of cell values.
Design dashboards to manage multiple groups of performance data.
Conduct a VLOOKUP across an entire column.


So, I laid out a list of some of the most important Excel concepts (above) that you need to learn. Now let's look at some of the free excel courses that you will have access too as a result of you finding this website.


Below is a partial list of free excel training courses you will access from this article.

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Click on the button below to access your Free Excel Courses

The button below will take you to the free Microsoft Excel Courses.  Click on a course, do some research to find the instructor that meets your needs.


Top 25 Excel Tips and Tricks

By Sele Training

In this video by Sele Training, you will learn tips and tricks for Excel


According to the author, these 25 tips will improve your skills using Excel. He states that some of these tricks you probably have not seen before, while other tips may show you how to correctly use a short cut. His personal favorite is #21. Check them out and leaves your thoughts in the comments section below.


Here are the contents of the 25 tips and tricks video:

1. Quick Analysis Tool
2. Filter
3. Drop-Down List
4. AutoFit Column Width
5. Transpose
6. Remove Duplicates
7. Goal Seek
9. Flash & Auto Fill
10. Paste Special Values
11. Images in Charts
12. IF Function
13. Insert Screenshot

14. Absolute Cell Reference
15. Show Formulas
16. Text to Columns
17. Conditional Formatting
18. PowerPivot
19. Freeze Panes
20. Ctrl-Arrow Keys
21. 3D References
22. Forecast Sheet
23. SUMIFS Function
24. IFERROR Function
25. Filled Maps




Access Microsoft Excel Online


An amazing virtual office where you can access Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Calendar, Mail and more as a solo user or a team that will bring together chat, video calling, files, and apps into a shared workspace.



What can you do with Microsoft Excel Online


Now you can organize all of your data in familiar spreadsheets and workbooks. Of course, all of your changes are saved automatically.


Plus, build professional visual displays that will turn your numbers into valuable data blocks.


Also, you can collaborate and work in a team environment, sharing valuable documents and insights with a group.


Just click on "Get Started For Free" below.



Non Video Excel Training

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Welcome to Excel Easy


Excel Easy has put together a text-based online tutorial for those that may not like video-based training. We all learn differently, so for those that need to read the training info, this is for you.


Also, Excel Easy breaks down the chapters into very easy to understand sections. Below, you’ll find an example of the exact formatting they use.


Use Excel to perform financial, mathematical or statistical calculations.


Click Here to Access Excel Easy


According to their website, Excel Easy is the #1 tutorial on the web.  I would imagine they are referring to the number 1 tutorial in the non-video based category.


I have reviewed their tutorials and yes, they are good.  If you just want to read about a topic and then try it yourself so you absorb the information, this style of tutorial is for you.  You will want to use the method of reading a section and then applying what you've learned before moving to the next topic.


For me personally, I like video-based learning.  I apply the same principles as above.  I watch a video module and then stop and apply what I have just learned.  Studies show that your absorption rate is much higher when you immediately put into practice what you have just learned.


Let me know your thoughts below.  I appreciate your comments.





More Tools


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Or check out our additional Free tools that you can access from the top menu bar.


 Accordingly, we have lots of training options as well as Work From Home opportunities whether you work for a company or work for yourself.  Check them out!


Please reach out and leave comments below.  It really helps me build out content that is relevant and useful.  All the best!

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